25 Bathroom Vanity Ideas That Are Stylish and Functional

25 Bathroom Vanity Ideas That Are Stylish and Functional

blog / February, 2024

Making a mess of the vanity is one of the major blunders people make while decorating their bathrooms. Either they make it too big for a little room, too small for a large space, or they neglect to include adequate storage to accommodate need. For this reason, we've gathered in one location some of the greatest bathroom vanity designs suitable for bathrooms of all sizes. The gorgeous and practical bathroom vanity designs that follow will fit any design and taste. In addition to so much more, you'll find designs that are mid-century modern, minimalist, classic, Hamptons, country, and more. In this article, we will learn about 25 Bathroom Vanity Ideas That Are Stylish and Functional.

25 Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Rose-gold fixtures: One of the most luxurious Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Rose gold is an option for tapware, even though gold, silver, and brass are the most popular metals. Furthermore, I believe it looks stunning in this bathroom since it contrasts so strikingly with the baby pink vanity and the cream-colored tiles.

Gorgeous minimalist

Happy birthday, minimalists! If you're the kind who likes things to be really, really basic, this bathroom is the one for you. It pares everything down to the bare minimum while maintaining an elegant neutral color scheme of grey, white, and wood!

Vanity that floats

You have undoubtedly visited bathrooms with vanities that are simply too big for the available area. But even if the vanity is long, that isn't the case with this design. The vanity is not overly noticeable in this area thanks to its floating design. Rather, it accomplishes its goal and looks fantastic doing it! Additionally, the wood looks fantastic on the white background.

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Salmon and light green: One of the best Bathroom Vanity Ideas

This is the option for you if your taste is a little bit unusual. The combination of a peach vanity and sea green wall tiles, accented with white accents, creates a unique and eccentric bathroom design. Simply add a traditional pendant lamp!

Modern Mid-Century

Installing a timber vanity—ideally a recycled antique wood cabinet in the traditional Mid-Century Modern style—will bring in those Mad Men flavors if you appreciate the style. To get the same effect, choose darker wood and accessorize your room with striking black lighting and fixtures.

Types of bathroom vanity ideas for small bathrooms

Small space

Have a little area And are you looking for Small bathroom vanity ideas? Rest assured, a great deal of us do. The good news is that a functioning bathroom doesn't have to be enormous. If you use a tiny area effectively, it may be really useful, and this is one of the best types of bathroom vanity ideas for small bathrooms. Here's a tip: don't fill your vanity too much. Consider the inspiration found in this little bathroom's vanity. In the center is a tiny, plain black caddy that may hold hand towels and soap bottles. This way, it can accomplish its goal without taking up space in the restroom.

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Slender backsplash

There's no better way to spruce up the wall behind your bathroom vanity than with an exquisitely tiled backsplash. For a striking look, try covering the entire wall with a distinctive scalloped design.

Beautiful blue

The color is the main reason this area is so much fun! So why not install a blue double vanity like this one in your spacious bathroom? Remember to take care of your bathroom's flooring as well. There are a tonne of creative choices for unique tiles.

Marble from Italy: One of the best bathroom vanity ideas single sink

Marble exudes opulence like nothing else. This bathroom makes excellent use of it. Both the walls and the benchtop are made of marble! I appreciate how a modern white sink and pendant light contrast with the abundance of black marble.

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Ceramic basin: One of the most unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Installing a statement sink will make your bathroom stand out—they are available in nearly every color these days. It's the ideal choice for adding flair to a plain white area. Additionally, it will definitely wow your guests!

Small bathroom vanity ideas

Wooden tones

This bathroom vanity's simplicity is something I adore. This minimalist room is made cozier and more honey-colored by the wood. With its four deep drawers, this vanity seems really useful as well.

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Small spaces in corners

Do you need a wonderful, compact vanity for your little bathroom? Place it perfectly in a corner and maximize your storage space by adding a cabinet to each side of the sink or underneath it.

Concrete bathroom vanity

There are several colors of gray in this bathroom, yet none of them are uninteresting! The many textures and styles actually do a great job of tying this area together. Introduce some modern concrete like this to your bathroom to give it a more upscale feel. The vanity is a simple concrete slab that gives the impression that it is light and simple.

White and black bathroom vanity

This color combination is timeless and can never go out of style, so you can't go wrong with it. Consider going with sleek black wood vanity cabinets and a crisp white countertop. This would look great with the black faucets and white ceramic sink.

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Various blue tones: One of the most beautiful Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Is this the most blue vanity you have ever seen? We sort of adore it! The blue really stands out because the bathroom is mostly monochromatic, which makes it work. In addition, there is a ton of useful storage space in this small box.

Bathroom vanity ideas single sink

sophisticated gold bathroom sink

I love how retro this bathroom design is, and we're ready to help! I'm partial to a couple of combos even more than marble and gold. And this conceit achieves the ideal harmony between the two. A room full of character is created by the exquisite double-sided lighting, exposed plumbing, and elaborate design.

Brass details

What is it about brass that has the ability to totally change an area? We hope that this design aesthetic endures forever because we just can't get over it! If, like us, you love brass, you should put stunning enormous brass mirrors and tapware in your bathroom. That will have a profound effect on your vanity!

A pedestal sink

Want to return to the fundamentals? The most basic type of sink available is a pedestal sink. With no bottom storage or large countertop area to clutter things up, it's an ideal choice for the minimalist. Rather, it keeps things simple by highlighting the two most important components: the basin and the water.

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Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

Classic bathroom vanity

This vanity is the ideal size for this tiny bathroom; it is modest and straightforward. Even though the room has some modern components, the traditional tapware adds timeless overtones from bygone eras, creating an overall design that strikes a balance between the old and the new.

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Vintage style: One of the most popular Bathroom Vanity Ideas

A slim-legged vanity stand exudes classic style and is perfect for a tiny bathroom. Because of this vanity style's simple design, attention may be drawn exclusively to other components of the bathroom, such as the amazing zellige tiles.

Sandwiched between two cabinets

Why not fit your sink between your cabinets if you have a tiny area and storage is your top concern? This is an easy technique to maximize storage capacity so you can tuck everything away tastefully and highlight your statement tapware and sink.

Shelf that floats

Rather than resembling the typical bathroom vanity with cabinets, this one features a straightforward floating shelf. This is an excellent way to save up space in a little bathroom. Toothbrushes, soap, and toothpaste can all be kept on a single shelf.

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Bathroom vanity Ideas with storage

Contrasting colours

I adore this double vanity that's here! The white sink, cabinets, and drawers on the bottom keep everything basic. Moreover, the black-framed mirrors give off a distinct flavor! You might need to hire a bathroom cabinet maker that specializes in these kinds of constructions if you're looking for something a bit more customized for your bathroom vanity.

High-end glamor

To build a bathroom vanity that makes people drool, try to incorporate the opulent finishes found in high-end homes. That might entail a double vanity, which is really useful when sharing a room with many individuals. It might indicate a vanity top made of a striking block of marble. Gold hardware will then pull everything together for a stunning finish.

Examine Your Countertop Material Well

One of the most important aspects of your bathroom vanity ideas is the countertop material. occupying a sizable amount of the space will be crucial in determining the mood and ambiance of the space. As a result, the ideas for your bathroom countertop are just as crucial to the ideas for your bathroom vanity as the foundation. Ultimately, the countertop will be visible to you to a greater extent than the drawers or legs underneath.

In bathroom design, organic materials are becoming more prevalent. Stone, concrete, and teak are becoming high-end, stylish bathroom materials. Despite being a basic design feature, it provides the bathroom with a polished appearance.

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Beautiful Bathroom Vanity Ideas

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