10 Best Places to Buy Bathroom Vanity of 2024

10 Best Places to Buy Bathroom Vanity of 2024

blog / February, 2024

There's nothing worse than a chaotic bathroom while you're rushing to get ready. When your items are dispersed throughout the room, it is far more difficult to locate the skincare bottle or makeup brush you require. A bathroom vanity is everything you need to combine a stunning getting-ready area with storage in one chic piece. We are occasionally perplexed by the age-old query of where to get a bathroom vanity. We're not just searching for any old object, after all. Our goal is a bathroom vanity that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In this article, we are going to see the best place to buy bathroom vanity.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bathroom Vanity

There are a number of things to take into account while purchasing a bathroom vanity. Think about the kind of vanity that would work well for your family and way of life, for instance. Pedestal and floating vanities are excellent choices for compact spaces. Compared to floating pieces, freestanding vanities offer greater cabinet and storage space.

You might also want to think about the style of the bathroom sink. A standalone vanity, for example, can accommodate two sinks. Choose a vanity top material that complements the style of the space and fits well with your daily schedule as well. Granite, marble, acrylic, and less expensive choices like laminate are a few examples.

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Top Places to Buy Bathroom Vanity

Every item in a vanity has a place. You may maximize your storage capacity without compromising design when you choose the correct bathroom vanity. Wall-mounted vanities that appear to float above your floor are also available, as are freestanding vanities that command attention when placed in the middle of your space. While a double vanity with several sinks and greater storage space could be more appropriate for a master bathroom, a lovely and modest corner vanity would fit nicely into a smaller bathroom. Vanities come in a variety of styles—modern, traditional, transitional—including classic white ones and vibrant ones. It's simple to feel like you have too many options. However, be at ease. We'll outline the finest site to get bathroom vanities in the sections that follow.

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Best place to buy bathroom vanity online

Lowe's: One of the Best Places to Buy Bathroom Vanity

At Lowe's, a straightforward search for "bathroom vanities" returns more than 12,000 results. With so many choices, one may easily get overwhelmed. Fortunately, Lowe's specialized filters aid in refining the search. To make sure you only view bathroom vanities that will fit in your space, you can look for them by width. Everything from tiny to normal to enormous vanities is available at Lowe's. Additionally, you can look for specific features like soft-close drawers and doors for almost silent storage or integrated electrical outlets for charging toothbrushes and razors. You'll appreciate Lowe's how-to blogs if you're a first-time renovator who is eager to avoid making blunders when renovating your bathroom.

Golzar Home: The Best Place to Buy Bathroom Vanity Online

The place to go for anything you need for your bathroom is Golzar Home. Lowe's offers an unparalleled assortment of bathroom vanities to suit every preference and need. Lowe's is a great site to purchase a bathroom vanity since their selection is wide and includes both grandiose and minimalist options, all of which are expertly finished and come in a range of styles. The extensive selection of bathroom vanities at Golzar Home includes premium house brands. There are options for every taste and price range.

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Best Bathroom Vanity Stores

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn prominently displays their best-selling bathroom vanities at the top of the page so you can easily view the items that people have already purchased and adored. The majority of Pottery Barn's finest vanities are transitional or shaker-style, fusing traditional elements like wood caning with all the luxuries of today. Customers who care about the environment will be happy to learn that every wooden vanity purchase helps plant a tree. Although Pottery Barn's bathroom vanities come pre-assembled, it's important to know that they encourage professional installation before making a purchase. You might want to look elsewhere if that is outside your means.

Do you prefer trendy rustic chic or timeless refinement? Then vanities from Pottery Barn might be your best option. Choose a bathroom design that not only fits your style but is long-lasting, regardless of whether you have a penchant for modern or transitional styles. The brand is known for its classic style and reliable performance. To create a unified style, you can also purchase at Pottery Barn for accessories and necessities for bathroom vanities.

The wide range of sizes and styles available for cabinets and vanities from this brand. Bathroom vanities from Pottery Barn come in traditional and contemporary rustic styles. Each piece is accompanied by exquisite craftsmanship and endurance.

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Best Places to Buy a Bathroom Vanity

Crate and Barrel

Beautiful bathroom vanities are available in a small but well-selected variety at Crate & Barrel. Their pieces combine form and function with elaborate designs, natural materials, and lots of hidden doors and drawers. These are high-end vanities, and as such, their prices are high—many of them exceed $2,000. Although it may seem like a lot of money to spend on a bathroom vanity, if you know where to look you may find better deals. To finish the design, a few of these pieces include matching trays and mirrors.

Discover the stylish and useful world of Crate and Barrel's bathroom vanity collections, where classic style and modern design coexist. Choose from a variety of premium pieces that will both enhance the appearance of your bathroom and last over time to find the ideal match. Single or double sizes are available for its designs. Contemporary bathrooms may easily include the sleek, modern styles of Crate & Barrel bathroom vanities.

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Home Depot: Another Best Place to Buy Bathroom Vanity

You can discover inspiration or the precise make and model of the bathroom vanity you've always wanted at Home Depot. To choose the vanity that best fits your space, you can shop for units by width, color, and style. You can even go through bathroom vanities without tops and fit your own, or you can choose a new vanity top and install it into an existing cabinet. Home Depot is the place to go if you want to remodel your bathroom completely. They have links to all the greatest mirrors, tiles, faucets, and other vanity-matching accessories on their 'Complete the Project' page.

Top Bathroom Vanity Stores

One of the greatest locations to get reasonably priced bathroom vanities is Home Depot, a favorite for high-quality products at reasonable prices. The selection of Home Depot vanity sets is extremely affordable, both online and in-store. Home Depot offers various financing options in addition to a wide selection of high-quality bathroom vanities.

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Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs is the place to go if you want something different from standard vanities. The brand sells sophisticated storage and cabinets that are crafted with European influences. Known as one of the greatest locations to purchase a bathroom cabinet, you may elegantly address the storage issue in your design. Vanity substitutes from Ballard Designs are skillfully made to complement a variety of traditional and romantic styles.

RH (Restoration Hardware)

Admire anything opulent and exquisite? Then you ought to research vanities from Restoration Hardware. Every item in this upscale bathroom furniture business is a work of art in terms of durability and design. Any cabinet or vanity offers unparalleled style and functionality. You're likely to find something you adore from the vast selection of more than 1,000 designs! RH's opulent design line includes both modern takes on classics and historical reprints. Additionally, the firm offers extra-long bathroom cabinets and vanities.

Best place to buy bathroom vanity near me

West Elm

Shop for bathroom vanities at West Elm, where refinement and modern flair collide, to up your style ante. Investing in West Elm vanities can turn your bathroom into a dramatic haven of exceptional quality and attention to detail. Its diversity and extensive collection. Although they can complement a variety of home themes, West Elm bathroom vanities often feature a mid-century modern look.

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Anthropologie: One of the Best Places to Buy Artsy Bathroom Vanity

Anthropologie has statement-making bathroom vanities that are perfect for any decorator. A couple of their vanities are painted in blush pinks and blue-grays, but the majority are in natural wood tones. For those who like to experiment with colorful bathroom ideas without completely redesigning the space, these units are perfect. Budget-conscious shoppers will be unhappy to learn that Anthropologie gives you very little discretion over the units you view. You can only look at vanities that cost $500 or less because there are only two price ranges. You are unable to establish your own upper and lower bounds.

Anthropologie's vanities are the height of luxury and individuality. The well-known clothing and houseware company offers a carefully chosen assortment of avant-garde and varied styles. Being one of the best locations to get a bathroom vanity, it offers items that are beautifully designed for both practicality and elegance in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. Bathrooms feel more individualized and premium thanks to the artistic, handcrafted Anthropologie bathroom vanities.

Best place to get bathroom vanity

Walmart: One of the Top Places to Buy Bathroom Vanity

Walmart offers far more specialized vanities than the majority of home stores, which carry modern, traditional, and transitional types. You can get traditional vanities with modern elements that go perfectly with mid-century modern homes, or you can look for coastal vanities to match your beach bathroom design. Walmart allows you to create a sliding budget, in contrast to the other stores on this list. Your upper and lower bounds can be set to the exact dollar. The finest bathroom vanities at Walmart just cost a few hundred dollars as opposed to thousands of dollars.

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Best Places to Buy Bathroom Vanities in Canada

Golzar Home: Your Ultimate Shop for the Best Bathroom Vanities

Whether you are constructing a new bathroom or refurbishing an old one, the vanity is the one piece of equipment that always exudes flair. After purchasing one of the top bathroom vanities, it's time to maximize your available storage. Minimize clutter while organizing a bathroom vanity. You have two options: either have one of the greatest vanity organizers to do it for you, or do it yourself.

Golzar Home is the leading importing company of bathroom and kitchen accessories, including vanities, in Canada. Whether you’re looking for a modern piece or an antique classic, Golzar Home is the best place to buy a bathroom vanity today. Let us serve as your go-to source for some of the greatest and most affordable bathroom vanities available on the internet.