Top 10 Best Toilet Brands in the World

Top 10 Best Toilet Brands in the World

blog / September, 2023

What Are the Best Toilet Brands?

With so many options available on the market, selecting the best toilet brand can be difficult. Modern toilets ensure effective flushing and appropriate sanitation. The top toilet manufacturers create their toilets with cutting-edge technology and designs. The flushing power, comfort, and water-saving effectiveness of modern toilets are reliable. In this article, we are going to introduce the best toilet brands.

Kohler: One of the Best Toilet Brands

One of the most well-known brands of plumbing fixtures ever was Kohler, which was founded in 1893. The toilets that Kohler produces have high-end features and dependable flushing abilities. The brand's best-selling toilet models showcase its craftsmanship.

Kohler's standard AquaPiston flushing system is found on the majority of contemporary toilets. The feature offers a forceful flush, which saves water compared to traditional toilets. Toilets made by Kohler are simple to clean because their surface is dust- and rust-resistant.

Among Kohler's top models is the Cimarron Comfort Height toilet. The bowl height is practical and the model is ergonomically comfortable. It has an antimicrobial coating. Additionally, ADA-compliant toilets are produced by Kohler.

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American Standard

Among other plumbing fixtures, American Standard sells dependable toilets. The company has been in business for more than 100 years. American Standard offers a variety of models, just like other leading toilet manufacturers.

Its toilets have modern designs and provide the best flushing. They are comfortable, free of clogs, stain-resistant, and have water-saving features. American Standard's Champion 4 toilet is one of their best-selling models. It has a large flush valve, a trap way to prevent clogs, uses 1 point 6 gallons per flush, and all of these features.

The model has an easy-to-clean Sani-Gloss finish. An average American Standard toilet has a 10-year warranty. Sizes, colors, and styles are all available for selection. The Cadet Pro self-cleaning feature is also available on American Standard toilets.

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Top 10 Best Toilet Brands

TOTO: Another One of the Best Toilet Brands

TOTO toilets are cutting-edge in appearance, perform admirably, and have useful features. The toilet company was established in Japan in 1917. In the plumbing fixture market, TOTO has a very good reputation.

TOTO toilets have been functionally engineered and designed for long-lastingness. Drake II and Neorest 500 are two of TOTO's most popular toiler models. The TOTO Drake II is a gravity-fed, two-piece toilet that comes in a variety of finishes.

It has an elongated bowl for added comfort, a dual flush system to help save water, and other features. The Neorest 500 also has a contemporary, streamlined appearance. It has Actilight, a patented TOTO feature that cleans the bowl with UV light.

A SanaGloss glaze on the Drake II bowl prevents bacteria, mold, or mildew from growing on the bowl. The Tornado Flush system is also strong enough to maintain a clean bowl. TOTO toilets are renowned for their effective water-saving technology and dependable flushing mechanisms.

Duravit: One of the Top Toilet Brands

Germany's Duravit is a well-known toilet manufacturer. It has a good reputation because it has been producing plumbing fixtures since 1817. One of Duravit's best models is the DuraStyle One-Piece toilet. It has a forceful flush, an adjustable water level, a soft-close seat, and a modern design.

10 Best Toilet Brands

Due to their dual-flush technology, Duravit's toilet models are generally efficient. Low-flow models are additionally offered. Each of these functions saves water. Durable and immune to stains or discoloration, their vitreous china is made from.

Swiss Madison

Leading toilet producer Swiss Madison has a North American base of operations. Swiss Madison has been selling premium porcelain toilets for more than 25 years. Toilets made of porcelain are simple to keep clean. Both residential and commercial use of its restrooms is acceptable. The toilet models are offered in a variety of designs and hues.

The Soleil One-Piece Elongated toilet is one of their well-known models. Along with an adjustable base height, it has an anti-clog siphon jet. The model comes with a 10-year warranty in addition to its strong flushing system.

The majority of Swiss Madison's models also feature dual flush technology. To save water and reduce monthly costs, the feature gives users the option of a full or half flush. A soft-close lid is also included on Swiss Madison toilets to prevent slamming.

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Gerber: The well-known Toilet Brand

Known for its residential and commercial models, Gerber is a well-known toilet manufacturer. The toilet manufacturer creates long-lasting toilets, just like other top brands. Every one of its models is easy to install.

The company's line of toilets includes designs with a low-flow flush mechanism, a water pressure regulator, and a fully glazed trap way. Additionally available are wall-mounted models. The Ultra Flush, which has a slow-closing seat, is one of Gerber's most well-liked toilets. Per flush, only 1.28 gallons are needed. Ten years are covered by Gerber's limited warranty. Its toilet models are renowned for requiring little maintenance. An ant-clog mechanism is also included.

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10 Best Toilet Brands in the World

Cotto: A Major Toilet Brand

Since 1982, the Korean company Cotto has produced sanitary ware. One of Cotto's fashionable toilet models is the CV4 Simply Connect. For efficient flushing and rinsing, it makes use of an integrated side jet. In order to save water, Cotto toilets employ a dual flush system.

Because vitreous china is corrosion-resistant, Cotto uses it for its toilet models. The brand of toilets uses a soft-close system to reduce seat slamming. The Bio-HygieneTM seat by Cotto, which has a patent, inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, or mildew. All toilets from the brand are also covered by a lifetime warranty.

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Niagara Conservation

For 30 years, Niagara Conservation has offered excellent plumbing solutions. Niagara Conservation offers high-quality, durable toilets that perform at their best. The toilet brand offers a variety of models, from entry-level to high-end.

For homeowners looking for a dependable bathroom fixture, the Stealth 0.8 Gallon toilet is the best option. The Stealth 0.8 from Niagara has a low-profile design and an extended bowl. Almost any bathroom size will fit it. The model has Comfort Bed technology and an ergonomic design.

The majority of Niagara Conservation's models are water-efficient. Each flush uses approximately 0.8 gallons. Because it resists dirt, stains, and scratches, the ceramic glaze is used by Niagara. Additionally, to improve flushing performance, it mounts siphon jet systems on its toilet models.

A 2-inch trap way, a water-saving fill valve, and a chrome flush handle round out the features. You won't need to flush the toilet repeatedly if it has such features. Six-year limited warranty is offered with Niagara toilets.

Best Toilet Brands

Woodbridge: A High-Quality Toilet Brand

Toilets made by Woodbridge are simple to install in addition to having a sleek appearance. The majority of models feature a one-piece, low-profile design. High-efficiency flushing systems are standard on Woodbridge toilets.

The company's toilet models use less water while still performing powerful flushes. They have soft-close seats and lids to minimize noise. The toilets feature a fully glazed trap way for the best waste removal.

Among the most popular toilet models from Woodbridge is the T-0041. It is stain and bacterial-resistant thanks to the ceramic glaze finish. The interior of the bowl is cleaned by the T-0041's self-cleaning feature. Additionally, a dual-flush system is included that aids in water conservation. The siphon jet flush feature on Woodbridge toilet models helps prevent clogging.

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Saniflo: A Great Toilet Brand

The leading supplier of macerating toilets is Saniflo. Since 1958, the brand of toilets has been present in the plumbing fixtures market. Toilets with grinders grind and flush the waste. A regular toilet is less efficient than the macerating action.

Toilets made by Saniflo are available in a variety of designs and small-space-friendly sizes. Sanicompact, a top-of-the-line Saniflo model, is a tankless toilet with an integrated macerator. It is an all-in-one toilet that can fit in spaces with a maximum width or height of 25 inches.

The model also includes smartphone-accessible remote control features. Saniflo toilets have a vitreous china rinse bowl, which doesn't support the growth of bacteria or mold. In order to use less water, they also have a low-flush technology built in.

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What Are the Best Toilet Brands

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What Are the Best Toilet Brands?

Kohler, American Standard, TOTO, Duravit, Swiss Madison, Gerber, Cotto, Niagara Conservation, Woodbridge, Saniflo

Where to buy Best Toilet Brands?

Golzar Home offers beautiful toilets that are good fits for royalty and will add a lot of class to any bathroom.