Valleria Floor & Wall Porcelain Tile

Valleria Floor & Wall Porcelain Tile

Valleria Porcelain Tile 32″ x 64″ Matte Glazed


Valleria is made from top-quality porcelain, and also it is an excellent product to use for your bathroom, kitchen area, living space, and garage.

This series is stocked in sophisticated neutral colors with a very subtle variegation which enhances the beauty of the tiles and gives the look of Valleria marble.


Finish: Matte

Install Type: Thin-Set

Usage: Residential, Commercial

Ends: Rectified

Application: Floor, Wall

Size: 32″ by 64″

Thanks to its native 0.45 inches thickness, provides lightness and strength in all applications – even the ones you’d never even imagined.

Rokaceram offers unmatched project flexibility and the freedom to give concrete form to your ideas without being shackled size.