5 Different Types of Vessel Sink for 2024

5 Different Types of Vessel Sink for 2024

blog / November, 2023

How to Choose from Different Types of Vessel Sinks?

A fixture that is among the primary aesthetics of the feel of the kitchen and bathroom is the vessel sink. Vessel sinks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and applications which make them one of the most exciting pieces in the bathroom and kitchen. Your choice of vessel sink is extremely important because it will affect the appearance, function, and overall feel of your bathroom and kitchen. In this article, we are going to introduce different types of vessel sink that you may consider for buying one.

Above Counter: One of the Common Types of Vessel Sink

The above counter type of vessel sinks is commonly referred to as bench mount, vessel, top mount, and countertop basins. They are characterized by the majority of the basin sitting in full view on top of a bench, vanity, or shelf. These decorative objects are the focal point of your bathroom and will set the style and tone for the rest of the room. With the body of the basin on full display, you can show off its beautiful design characteristics, color, and profile.

Due to their variety of shapes, this type of vessel sink can be used in many different types of bathrooms, as long as there is enough space. Small, colorful fixtures are a great addition to a powder room or guest room. Larger and wider bowls are ideal for spacious bathrooms and look especially great when placed side by side.

Unlike the under-counter type of vessel sink, which allows you to easily wipe down your bench top directly into the basin, bench-mounted basins will have a join where the basin meets the bench top that will act as a dust trap. Below, we will take a look at the advantages that the above counter basins present.


5 Different Types of Vessel Sinks for 2023

Above Counter vessel sinks Are Visually Appealing

The visual appeal of the above counter vessel sinks is undeniable. Their surprising arrangement naturally draws the eye and focuses the space. They are also incredibly versatile. Whether you're looking for a stand-alone ornament in a unique pattern or a simple combination to add overall symmetry to a space, above-counter pieces come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to suit any design scheme. Above counter vessel sinks can be installed on a variety of countertop materials, including granite, marble, wood, and glass, giving you flexibility in your overall design choices.

Above Counter vessel sinks Save Space

If your space is limited, an above-counter vessel sink can be an excellent solution. Installing it will free up valuable bench space and storage space in addition to the faucets for all your favorite items.

Above Counter Vessel Sinks Are Ergonomically Designed

Above-counter vessel sinks require less bending than traditional under-counter sinks, making them more accessible for people with reduced mobility. Depending on your specific wishes, you can choose a vessel sink with a deep liner.


Corner Vessel Sinks: One of the Stylish Types of Vessel Sink

A corner vessel sink is a sink located at the corner of a table. These vessel sinks have many advantages, especially in small bathrooms where efficient use of space is essential. Corner basins are usually designed with multiple sinks on either side of the countertop corners and a sink faucet in the center. However, there are many models such as single sinks. We will describe the pros of corner vessel sinks below.

Different Types of Vessel Sink

Corner Vessel Sinks Are An Efficient Use of Space

Corner vessel sinks make very efficient use of counter space as they take up usually underutilized space and make it very useful. You can use the often "wasted" space on the corners of the table to make room for a large vessel sink that you may not have room for in the bathroom.

Corner Vessel Sinks Are Customizable

The adaptable nature of corner vessel sinks is another positive aspect of this sink style. Corner vessel sinks are usually positioned so that they are at an angle to each other and meet at the corner of a table and also they come in many shapes and sizes. In addition, there are many different options for the materials from which sinks are made.

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Free-Standing: Standalone Type of Vessel Sinks

A free-standing or pedestal vessel sink is a sink that requires no other elements to function. Countertop sinks should be placed on a table, while wall-mount basins should be hung on the wall. In contrast, a free-standing vessel sink sits alone on the floor at an easy-to-use height. So there is no need to install it on the wall. The only connections you need are the pipes, and if you run them through the floor you can have a completely separate sink from the wall if you want. In what follows, we will see the main benefits of free-standing vessel sinks.

Different Types of Vessel Sink of 2023

Free Standing Vessel Sinks Enhance the Look of Your Floors

One of the best things about a free-standing vessel sink is that it enhances the look of your floor. The pedestal occupies a small area, making the floor look different from a standard basin. A variety of color options allow you to choose a color that compliments your floor rather than blending in as a decoration. The color of most such basins is chosen to blend in with the floor and walls, making them less noticeable than a stand-alone sink.

Free Standing Vessel Sinks Save Space

The biggest advantage of a free-standing vessel sink over a regular basis is that it saves space. The base is much smaller than the vanity cabinet. Free-standing vessel sinks are perfect for smaller bathrooms, half baths, and powder rooms because they are so small.

If you have a spacious bathroom but want to make it look bigger, a free-standing vessel sink is a better option. Pedestal vanities save space, so you can opt for larger cabinets in your bathroom. You are not limited to the size of a standard sink. A free-standing vessel sink gives the bathroom an airy feel that cannot be found with a large sink.

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Wall Hung: A Modern Type of Vessel Sink

Wall-hung vessel sinks are installed directly on the wall without bathroom furniture underneath. This makes it a flexible and practical choice for bathrooms of all sizes. With a variety of design options, wall-hung vessel sinks allow you to add a personal touch to your bathroom design. Below are some of the key benefits wall-hung basins offer.

Type of Vessel Sink

Wall Hung unique Vessel Sinks Make a Feature out of Your Basin

Despite its necessity, the wall-hung vessel sink is often an overlooked part of the bathroom. It usually attracts attention because it is attached to the space. Because the vanity is larger than the vessel sink itself, it accentuates the basin as a visual focal point. The wall-hung vessel Sink hangs directly on the wall, making it a unique and attractive design element that draws attention.

Wall Hung Vessel Sinks Offer Modern, Elegant Styling

Wall-hung vessel Sinks are usually found in luxury hotels as they offer an ultra-modern and luxurious style. This makes them popular with homeowners who want to add a luxurious feel to their modern bathroom designs.

Wall Hung Vessel Sinks Create a Minimalist Look

Bathrooms can seem cluttered because there are so many appliances and fixtures to house and often personal items on display. A wall-hung vessel sink allows you to step back and breathe. Since it is not surrounded by the sink, it leaves a clean space around and under the basin, giving the room a simpler, more minimalist feel.


Under-Counter: the Classic Type of Vessel Sink

Under-counter colorful vessel sinks offer elegant designs and a variety of style options. These are some of the most common sink designs in both residential and commercial projects which makes them universal. In the below sections, we will describe the benefits of under-counter basins.

Under-counter Vessel Sinks Have a Sleek Design

One of the best features of the under-counter vessel sink is its elegant design. This basin fits perfectly into any sink or table design. Unlike built-in sinks, there are no visible edges, providing a clear distinction between sink and countertop. Choosing an under-counter vessel sink the same color as your countertop will make your sink look like part of the countertop.

In addition to a beautiful fit, under-counter vessel sinks are also versatile in the materials and colors that can be used. As mentioned earlier, if the colors of the vessel sink and table match well, it creates a beautiful combination. There are options to create contrasting color schemes.
You can also create a contrasting color scheme. Consider a black under-counter vessel sink in tandem with a beautiful white countertop. Another option is a stylish stainless steel under-counter vessel sink. This will add a unique and classic design element to your vanity area.

Under-counter Vessel Sinks are Easy to Clean

Cleaning an under-counter vessel sink is similar to cleaning an integrated sink. Again, there is no lip on an under-counter vessel sink. This makes it very easy to clean the sink without any hassle. Cleaning the counter and vessel sink at the same time can be very helpful. You can wipe the counter, then immediately wipe the top of the vessel sink using the sink cloth underneath. Stainless steel is an easy material to clean if you are concerned. Stainless steel is also cheaper.

A common problem is if there is dirt in the gap between the vessel sink and the counter. Under-counter vessel sinks can be cleaned using regular cleaning products, sponges, and microfiber cloths. Wet the sink with cleaner, wipe it off with your sponge or cloth, and then dry the vessel sink down. A clean under-counter vessel sink will provide your bathroom design with a beautiful focal point.

Golzar Home Offers Numerous Types of Vessel Sinks

Golzar Home Offers Numerous Types of Vessel Sinks

Choosing the right type of vessel sink for your bathroom largely depends on the color theme, space, and layout of your bathroom and you can opt for any vessel sink look in any shape and color. It will not only give your bathroom a modern look but will even show your personality taste. Golzar Home is the leading vendor of bathroom and kitchen fixtures in Canada. We at Golzar Home have all types of vessel sinks from the best brands that you can choose from depending on your preference.


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