Vessel Sink vs Undermount | What’s the Difference?

Vessel Sink vs Undermount | What’s the Difference?

blog / February, 2024

There are a variety of sink options on the market today, and choosing the right one requires a balance between style, cost, and resale value. Are you looking for modern and minimal attitudes such as simple designs and vessel sinks, or the classic undermount? Although both are very popular, they are different and each suits different homes and styles. So, you need to understand the difference between the vessel sink and undermount to make the right choice of design for your home. In this article, we are going to discuss vessel sink vs undermount.

What Is a Vessel Sink?

A vessel sink is a wash basin that mounts above the bathroom counter and offers a unique option to standard under-top or built-in sinks. But is a vessel sink a better option than an undermount? Although vessel sinks are very popular in the hospitality industry, they have not received much attention in residential applications. Some vessel sinks are completely above the counter and some are partially recessed.

Most sink styles require the basin to be below the counter surface, but vessel sinks are above the counter surface. They come in a variety of styles, designs, and materials. Many homeowners choose sinks made of wood, glass, or copper. A vessel sink can be bowl-shaped, but it can also be rectangular, square, or almost flat. Vessel sinks can be incorporated into any design, but homeowners should carefully consider their plumbing needs when choosing a vessel sink. These fixtures do not have overflow drains and require a separate faucet installation.

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Vessel Sink or Undermount Sink

Pros and Cons of Vessel Sinks

While vessel sinks stand out by offering more aesthetic options in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes (like porcelain, copper, glass, and more), undermount sinks lend themselves to a seamless mix of countertops. In this section, we explore the pros and cons of vessel sinks.

Pros of Vessel Sinks

Washbasins provide a breath of fresh air in any bathroom. These sinks have a unique aesthetic that brings something to any bathroom space. Some of the most important pros of vessel sink vs. undermount are:

  • Stylish: The best thing about a vessel sink vs undermount is that it is unique and stylish. The design is instantly eye-catching. The materials used in vessel sinks also help provide a more visually appealing finish than traditional sinks

  • Affordable: Usually, vessel sinks are made of ceramic and glass. This keeps the cost of these sinks down, and they are quite affordable compared to more traditional varieties of sinks

  • Easy install: Because vessel sinks have a very simple design, their installation is very easy. To install the sink, you only need to cut a hole in the drain pipe

  • Flexible: Vessel sinks are essentially containers or bowls that offer more flexibility when changing sinks. If something breaks, you can easily replace the piece without having to call a professional to do the work

  • Increased Counterspace: Since the vessel sink is usually smaller than the space on a conventional sink, you get more space vs an undermount sink option

  • Different Sizes: Vessel sinks are available in a variety of sizes to suit most bathrooms; they can add a touch of modern design to any small or large bathroom

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differrences between vessel sink between undermount sink

Cons of Vessel Sinks

Although a vessel sink has an eye-catching appearance, it has some drawbacks. For example, in terms of cleanliness, the area where the sink meets the countertop can be difficult to clean. This area can attract dust and other debris. To ensure the stability and durability of the vessel sink, it is important to clean the area to ensure that mold does not form. Here are other negative side effects of vessel sink design vs undermount.

  • Durability: Perhaps the biggest drawback to vessel sink vs undermount is its durability. Many vessel sinks are made of glass and ceramic, so they are prone to breaking, sometimes with a strong impact. These fixtures should be used with caution

  • Overflow: Overflow is a problem with vessel sinks vs undermount because they are the size of bowls. This bowl often overflows easily, causing minor flooding in the bathroom. In addition, vessel sinks also have a lot of splash, so you have to be careful with them so as not to flood the bathroom floor

  • Stability and Accessibility: Vessel sinks are attached only at one point, while undermount sinks are attached along the entire perimeter. This can cause stability issues, and faucet drains can often shift, damaging the sink itself, splashing water all over the bathroom, or both. Instead, vessel sinks tend to have much higher sides vs undermount sinks, which can be a problem for short people or children

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Vessel Sinks vs. Undermount Sinks

What Is an Undermount Sink?

Undermount sinks are designed to be installed under the counter, providing a continuous flow to the bathroom counter surface. The range of undermount includes a modern square design with a reverse mounting option to suit the way you work.

These sinks are considered elegant because they create a continuous flow from the countertop to the sink. The lower sink is glued from the bottom to match the top of the tabletop. When choosing a sink material, stainless steel undermount sinks are a functional and classic option that offers durability and shine. The glassware bathroom undermount has a glossy finish and is stain-resistant, taking everything to the next level. No matter which sink shape you choose, you can transform your space into an elegant space.

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Pros and Cons of Undermount Sinks

Since an undermount sink is installed under a countertop or vanity, this results in a sink that is flush with the rest of the tabletop for a seamless look. Due to the installation method, undermount sinks require higher quality materials and are not too limited in what they are made of. In this section, we will review the pros and cons of undermount sinks.

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Vessel or undermount sink

Pros of Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks add great aesthetic value to any home. The way they are installed hides them, making the rest of your home look more attractive. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from an undermount sink:

  • Easier to clean the countertop: Since the undermount sink is installed under the worktop, cleaning the worktop is much easier than a vessel sink. Since the work surface is seamless, you can simply wipe or push all the dirt and grime into the sink and get rid of it

  • More Popular Style: vessel sinks provide a unique and natural focal point for your bathroom. On the contrary, undermount sinks give your bathroom a more modern style, as their installation can highlight your counter or vanity. Your bathroom will look cleaner and more modern if the sink matches the rest of the table or vanity

Cons of Undermount Sinks

While undermount sinks can provide positive results, they also have some negative aspects. Perhaps the biggest drawback of undermount sinks is the installation method. It is much more difficult to install than a vessel sink, and therefore its installation method also limits the materials available for this style. Below are some other cons of undermount sinks:

  • Needing a Specific Countertop: An undermount sink is very heavy and may not be properly supported by a tile or laminate surface. Undermount sinks work best with concrete, granite, soapstone, or marble, so you may need to replace the old counters when you install the sink

  • Difficult to Install: The worktop must be installed under a mounted sink, so take into account the weight of the sink and the proper gluing required to secure it. Fortunately, our experts can help you with the installation process

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What is the difference between vessel sink and undermount sink?

Vessel Sink Vs Undermount: The Key Differences

Vessel sinks offer a unique basin that combines modern and contemporary design and feel. Alternatively, undermount sinks offer a more modern, sleeker design that fits into almost any bathroom. In the following, we will see the key differences between vessel sinks and undermounts.

Vessel Sink Vs Undermount: Aesthetics

Vessel sinks, which are naturally associated with modern interiors, now also fit well with traditional interiors. This is in part because these fixtures come in a variety of shapes and colors. From glass to porcelain to hammered copper vessels, sinks offer a variety of aesthetic options. Regardless of the material you choose, this sink will be a statement piece.

Additionally, standard sinks can usually be found in plain white, beige, or black. In terms of metal, standard sinks are made of chrome, gold, or copper. But let's be honest, if you walk into the bathroom and the sink is pink, you're going to have a heart attack. Bright colors and basic sinks are out of style. Vessel sink vs undermount: the point goes to the vessel sink!

Vessel Sink Vs Undermount: Price

Sink prices vary from very expensive to very affordable. However, as standard sinks still dominate the residential category, they are often the cheaper option. Also, if your home is being built by a builder, the builder will usually install a standard sink, and a marine sink would be a solid upgrade if you can get one. Vessel sink vs undermount: the point goes to the undermount!

Vessel Sink Vs Undermount: Universal Applications

The vessel sink can rise to 6 inches above the counter, making it much more comfortable than an undermount. Many people prefer high vanities which are generally around 3 feet tall. This means that sea pits are not suitable for small people, children, the disabled, or the elderly.

In general, an undermount is suitable for most people. These sinks are low-mounted and do not add any countertop height, providing a higher level of convenience for all who need them. Vessel sink vs undermount: using or not using the extra height is a personal choice.

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which is better drop in sink or undermount sink

Whether Vessel Sink or Undermount, Golzar Home Has Got You Covered

There are many factors to consider when planning your dream kitchen or bathroom. A particularly important part is understanding your options for kitchen sink or bathroom style and deciding which type of sink best suits your design. As with many things in the world of interior design, there is no right or wrong when it comes to vessel sink vs undermount. The winner is the one that works best for you and your family's needs.

Golzar Home is the leading importer of bathroom and kitchen accessories. Here at Golzar Home, we offer different vessel sinks and undermounts so that you can choose the best vanity for your home based on your preference.